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Woodworth on Personhood

Commentary by Jane Richard, President of KW Right to Life

Under tight police security November 14, 2013 at the University of Waterloo Stephen Woodworth MP Kitchener Centre spoke about; “The importance of the legal principle which requires recognition of the equal worth and dignity of every human being and the implication of Parliament’s abandonment of that principle in defeating Motion 312.”

His initiative to investigate the outdated Personhood Law Section 223 (1) in relation to current medical scientific research and evidence was supported by 93 members of parliament.

Section 223(1) of the Canadian Criminal Code states: A child becomes a human being within the meaning of this Act when it has completely proceeded, in a living state, from the body of its mother, whether or not:  a) it has breathed; b) it has independent circulation; c) the navel string is severed

MP Stephen Woodworth talked about the following points:

Denial of human equality is the greatest threat to democracy in Canada today.

Categories of being human are never closed to tyranny and we should never accept any law that says someone you know to be a human being is not a human being.

The United Nations Declaration of Human Rights recognizes the inherent dignity and inalienable rights of all members of the human family. It is the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world. Is there anything more important?

Is abortion more important than the principle of human equality?

How do we resolve rights between kinds of people?

The state is not in a position to make that decision.

Statistics Canada records 491 born alive abortion victims. No one was prosecuted. People are even purporting that children should be allowed to be euthanized up to age three years as they have not reached the stage of self awareness.

Stephen Woodworth resolved that the Parliament of Canada affirm that every Canadian law must be interpreted in a manner that recognizes in law the equal worth and dignity of everyone who is in fact a human being. All options should be reviewed in the light of science and medicine when there is reasonable doubt.

In Canada, the Right to Life movement is concerned with the rights of the child and the rights of the mother in the abortion issue along with euthanasia. We recognize the ideology of the denial of personhood must be expounded to justify the killing.  As does the history of eugenics based on race, gender and even consciousness. The last 100 years are rife with examples.

Abortion, the current denial of personhood plays a particular role in today’s society for all the same reasons that eugenics did in the past. The difference is that a mother destroys her own child for the sake of expediency.  Cold comfort for her and those involved in abortion.

Walk for Life 2013 – Saturday May 4

34th Annual Walk for Life
Saturday, May 4, 2013
Registration at 10 a.m.
St. Michael’s RC Church, 240 Hemlock Street, Waterloo (across WLU on University Avenue)

Walk for Life
Walk for Life

Every $50 pledged will receive a chance for a $150 gift certificate from McPhail’s.
Prizes, draws, free balloons, good food. Meet old and new friends.

Print out a sponsor sheet on page 3 of our latest issue of News+Views.


  • Walk begins at 10:30 am
  • Start at St. Michael’s, go along University Avenue to King Street
  • Turn right on King through to Uptown Waterloo Square (75 King Street South)
  • Break
  • Return along King, left on to University to St. Michael’s Church
  • Enjoy pizza & dessert

February 23: “Choice” Chain Project is Coming to KW!

Pro-lifers in the Kitchener-Waterloo areas will now have an exciting new way to engage our culture on the topic of abortion. KW & Area Right to Life Association is starting up a project called “Choice” Chain in our city which will run on a regular basis. I’m hoping you will come out to the training and spread the word on this great initiative.

The project is designed to engage people who normally wouldn’t go out of their way to hear the pro-life message. Volunteers hold 3′ x 4′ signs that show images of children who have been killed by abortion and ultrasound images of living children at the same ages. The signs are displayed in public areas, such as sidewalks, where the volunteers can talk to people about the injustice of abortion. Check out this clip to see the positive impact “Choice” Chain can have!

More information about the project can be found on the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform’s (CCBR) website here. All volunteers must receive training in pro-life apologetics (how to converse effectively about abortion), the reasons we use this particular project and strategy, and project protocol. KW & Area Right to Life Association will be hosting this training by CCBR this month.

Date: Saturday, February 23, 2013 – OLD EVENT
Training: 9am- 12pm
Demonstration: 1 – 2pm
Location: St Aloysius Parish, 11 Traynor Ave., Kitchener
View/Download the poster here: Poster for Choice Chain Training on Feb 23 [PDF]

After the training, there will be a short lunch break and then an opportunity to participate in the project and put that training to work! At 1:00pm we will meet in a public location (corner of Fairway Rd and Wilson Ave) for “Choice” Chain, which will run until 2:00pm.

We encourage you to come to the training even if you are undecided about participating in “Choice” Chain. This is a great way to save lives and change minds and hearts about abortion.

Also, as the use of graphic imagery is somewhat controversial in the pro-life movement, I encourage you to read this article entitled, “Why graphic images need to be displayed: from the woman who took the photos” addressing some common objections.

Thanks for your consideration and for all you do for life.

Mon Jan 28 – Prayer Vigil & Speaker

25 YEARS WITHOUT A LAW – On January 28th, 1988, the Supreme Court of Canada struck down all legalabortion restrictions. Join us for prayer, fellowship, and learning on Monday, January 28, 2013 in Kitchener.

Monday, January 28, 2013

7 p.m. – Public prayer vigil – Kitchener City Hall (front, by skating rink)
Followed by refreshments and speaker a short walk away at St. Mary’s Church (56 Duke Street, Kitchener)

Justine Nadeau – Opening the Door into the World of Birth Mothers

8:45 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. – Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament followed by Benediction

Perpetual Adoration for 24 hours
St. Teresa Parish Chapel, 44 Leonard St., Kitchener
Beginning Monday, January 28th 9:00pm until 9:00pm Tuesday January 29th 2013
Call 519.746.5433 to sign up or email: [email protected]

Download poster

Stephen Woodworth MP – Speaking in KW in March

Stephen Woodworth (MP Kitchener-Centre) will speak about his Motion 312, which calls for an investigation of Canada’s outdated personhood law (Criminal Code Section 223) in relation to current scientific evidence.

Call KW Right to Life at 519-746-LIFE (5433) if you need more information.

Petition in Support of Motion 312

Here is Stephen Woodworth’s petition.

The more official print version of the Petition in Support of Motion 312 [PDF] can be printed out. Acquire 25 signatures with the signers’ city and province. It can be submitted to your local Member of Parliament.

There is also a less official Online Petition in Support of Motion 312 [Web page] that can be easily spread among friends and family over the internet. Here is the link:

Write your MP today

KW Right to Life expresses great hope and determination to support the motion of Stephen Woodworth MP (Kitchener Centre). An old Law 223(1) that states a child is not a person until the moment of complete birth and how that interpretation relates to current medical and scientific evidence needs to be examined.

We are under no illusion that there will be an immediate law to make abortion illegal, in particular the first trimester, however this motion sets a precedent for getting to the fundamental principle of whether or not a preborn child is a person that has implications for the protection of life beyond the womb.

We encourage supporters to write the Prime Minister at [email protected] and their local MP’s, [email protected] and [email protected] to vote in favour of the motion this coming June. Discussion for the motion begins in March and again in June before the vote. Please thank Stephen Woodworth, [email protected] for this much needed motion.

If it passes, the task will be finding proof that indeed the child in the womb should have rightful claim to personhood. We pray. We act.

Jane Richard
KW Right to Life President

Pro-Life Coverage in The Record

Here is some of the positive exposure to the pro-life cause in The Record:

Letter from CWL President Mary Alice Zister

February 2012

My mother used to tell about a young man who became a priest. She knew his great- grandmother who had a baby out of wedlock.  Mom mused that had her friend had an abortion at her lowest moment that young priest, his grandparents, parents, siblings, uncles, aunts, cousins would never have been born. That young priest now has a cousin who also became a priest from the same line.

Since 1970 3.5 million babies have been aborted.  What a great blow to two generations. Who is missing? We will never know.

And now we have the opportunity to support a debate on the issue of when life begins. Continue reading Letter from CWL President Mary Alice Zister

Call to Action from William Zister

In these difficult economic times I am convinced we would be much better off without abortion. We would have more people and more jobs would be needed, more people to do those jobs, more people to pay taxes and to contribute to society as a whole. There would likely be a lot less unemployment. We have tampered with the balance of nature and the economy and with God’s gift of life and are suffering the consequences.

We have lost generations of people, workers, scientists, educators, etc. There is nothing more wonderful in this world than holding a new life in one’s arms. Why are we afraid of them? Continue reading Call to Action from William Zister